We Secure IoT.

Teserakt is a Swiss firm specialized in security and cryptography for complex systems.
We build the future of IoT through innovative and thoroughly engineered software solutions.

Dynamic Data Protection Firmware Testing



Teserakt AG was founded in September 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our team combines expertise in industrial cryptography, embedded systems security, and large-scale production servers. We designed algorithms and software now used in the Linux kernel as well as Apple and Google software, and are recognized for our expertise. Our customers are in diverse industries and located in EU and the US.



  • JP Aumasson, Managing director, Founder – Cryptographer, PhD – Lausanne, CH
  • Antony Vennard, Chief engineer – Embedded security specialist – Lausanne, CH
  • Flavien Binet – Chief architect – Back-end engineering specialist – Luxembourg
  • Emmanuel Odeke, Technical advisor – Cloud systems expert – Palo Alto, CA, USA





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