Security Designed for IoT.

Deploy managed end-to-end encryption over any cloud, to meet compliance and data control standards.

Why Teserakt?

Software-only end-to-end encryption and key management for IoT and M2M

Our solution is engineered to fit on even the most constrained platform and least reliable networks. Be it CPU, memory, or bandwidth, we minimize resources usage thanks to a meticulous choice of algorithms and software components.

Optimized for MQTT, compatible with the IoT platforms of AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM.


Seamless Integration

  • Client software compatible with ARM, AVR, MIPS, x86
  • On-premise Docker containers

High Security

  • Encryption, anti-replay, anti-spoofing, forward secrecy
  • Quantum-safe versions

Simplified Operations

  • Automate key distribution and access right management
  • Simple web UI and API

Defense in Depth

  • TLS protection between all internal services
  • Database encryption

Modern Cryptography

  • Algorithms such as AES-SIV, Curve25519, SHA-3
  • FIPS 140-2 mode

Reliable & Scalable

  • High availability architectures
  • Full observability thanks to OpenTelemetry



Teserakt AG was founded in September 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our customers are in diverse industries, and from several European countries. Our team combines expertise in industrial cryptography, embedded systems security, and large-scale production servers. We designed algorithms and software now used in the Linux kernel, Apple devices, and Google systems.



  • JP Aumasson, Managing director, Founder – Cryptographer, EPFL PhD – Switzerland
  • Antony Vennard, Chief engineer – Embedded security specialist – Switzerland
  • Flavien Binet – Senior engineer – Back-end engineering specialist – Luxembourg
  • Emmanuel Odeke, Technical advisor – Cloud systems expert – CA, USA