The most secure IoT encryption.

Teserakt is a Swiss technology company created by leading experts in applied cryptography. Our products and services enable organizations in diverse sectors to use IoT networks while making sure that no one else can read nor tamper with their critical information. We believe that business-sensitive and personal information should have at least the same level of protection as the messages we send on our phones.

IoT security done right

The first end-to-end encryption and key management software solution for IoT.

More secure than TLS, because messages encrypted with TLS will be decrypted by the relay server, whereas messages encrypted with E4 can only be decrypted by their recipients (end-to-end encryption).

More efficient than TLS, and runs on the most underpowered platforms thanks to its minimal CPU and memory usage, and a negligible per-message overhead.

Optimized for MQTT, the most popular IoT and machine-to-machine protocol. Our security layer is fully compatible work with the IoT platforms of AWS, IBM, and Google.

Seamless integration

  • No change to the broker required
  • Server deployed as containerized application or virtual appliance
  • Thin client library compatible with all platforms (ARM, AVR, Intel, etc.)

End-to-end security

  • All messages encrypted, protected against replay and spoofing
  • Protects against compromised broker servers and infrastructure
  • Safe against quantum computing

Key management

  • Remotely create and manage keys without a complex PKI
  • Deploy custom key rotation policies using our automation engine
  • Web UI and APIs (HTTP and gRPC)


Teserakt AG was founded in 2018 in Switzerland by noted cryptographer JP Aumasson. Our goal is to establish strong encryption as standard in IoT and machine-to-machine communications, in the same way that it's now an established practice in human-to-human messaging.

We rely on our experience building secure communication software and industrial cryptography systems. Security protocols and algorithms that we designed are now deployed in millions of devices, and some have become international standards.

Our customers are in diverse sectors, such as aerospace and law enforcement technology.

We are happy to be advised by Emmanuel Odeke, core contributor to the Go language, and to be supported by Innovaud and PwC Switzerland.


Cryptography is our core expertise. We designed algorithms now used in the Linux kernel and Apple devices.

We design secure software. A security product should improve your security posture, not diminish it.


No bells and whistles. We are not ashamed to say that our solution is simple and only supports a handful of parameters.

"Complexity is the enemy of security" is cliché but true.


Be it CPU, memory, or bandwidth, we minimize resources usage thanks to a meticulous choice of algorithms and software components.

Our technology runs on even the most constrained platforms.


  • 2019/05/08 · We are at InfoShares in Gdańsk, Poland, to give talks about IoT and crypto
  • 2019/04/03 · Teserakt is awarded PwC's SecTech Award, a prize rewarding the most innovative security start-up in Switzerland
  • 2019/03/27 · We release mqttinfo, a utility to analyze MQTT brokers remotely, which was tested on all open brokers on internet thanks to BinaryEdge
  • 2019/03/08 · We give a talk at the crypto seminar organized by the French Minister of Defense
  • 2019/03/04 · Publication or our report Is MQTT secure?
  • 2019/02/08 · Wired cites us in a piece about Google's new mobile disk encryption technology
  • 2019/01/21 · Our audit of OpenSSL's pseudo-random generator is published by OSTIF
  • 2018/12/02 · We open-source PQGo, our experimental post-quantum library for Go
  • 2018/11/21 · Announcement of our partnership with VerneMQ, provider of an open-source and highly scalable MQTT broker, fully supported by Teserakt's technology
  • 2018/11/19 · Announcement of our partnership with P3KI, provider of a secure access delegation technology that is complementary to Teserakt's technology
  • 2018/11/01 · We contribute an article in the French scientific magazine La Recherche
  • 2018/09/14 · Teserakt AG is registered in Switzerland under UID CHE-414.027.875
  • 2018/09/06 · We open-source SHA3-AVR, our compact version of SHA-3 for AVR chips