Applied Research

Teserakt is at the forefront of cryptography and security research. We focus on global-scale solutions to security engineering problems, and covers both design and implementation aspects.
This page gives an overview of our main research areas and projects.

IoT Encryption Cryptography Software Security

IoT Encryption

We conceived E4, an end-to-end encryption and key management protocol suitable to large IoT deployments, designed to suit constraints of industrial systems. E4's design goals included:
  • Security: Long-term guarantees of data confidentiality and integrity, as well as support for replay protection, forward secrecy, and post-quantum security.
  • Simplicity of integration and usage, to enable transparent data protection on a wide variety of platforms and network types.
  • Performance: Negligible bandwidth and CPU usage, making E4 considerably more efficient than general purpose encryption solutions such as TLS.
This protocol is the basis of Teserakt's main product. You can learn more about E4 on our blog.


Applied cryptography is our core expertise. Discover our most recent projects:

Too Much Crypto

In this paper presented at the leading conference Real World Crypto 2020, we analyse the security margins of popular cryptographic algorithms and conclude that the same security level could be achieved with much fewer operations, and therefore at a higher speed.

Download the research paper the slides of our presentation below:


The cryptographic hash function BLAKE3 is a state-of-the-art algorithm that is much faster than established standards, thanks to an innovative construction exploiting parallel computing features of modern processors.

Jointly developed with cryptography engineers Jack O'Connor, Samuel Neves, and Zooko (Electric Coin Company). The BLAKE3 specification and source code are available on GitHub, from the links below:

Software Security

Cryptography is useless without secure software. That's why we devote considerable time to assess the security of our own software and of third-party software that we use. We are also hired by customers to find bugs in their software and help fix them.

Below is a list of some of our blog posts about our original software security research: