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E4: encryption for MQTT

MQTT is the most popular machine-to-machine protocol, and the only non-web protocol supported by the IoT core platforms of AWS and Google. But it's almost never encrypted end-to-end.

As a result, data is exposed in clear to the broker server, which typically runs on a third-party infrastructure. This leaves private and business-critical information exposed to collection and tampering.

E4 solves this problem thanks to a unique combination of client software and key management server suitable to all MQTT deployments, with minimal performance overhead (no extra RTT, at most 24 bytes per packet).

E4 can also be adapted to other protocols than MQTT. We can work with you to adapt E4 to your bespoke needs.

Seamless integration

Designed for embedded platforms, including Cortex-M and 8-bit AVR

No change to the broker required

Compatible with MQTT 5

End-to-end security

End-to-end confidentiality and integrity protection, replay attack protection

Secure even without client–broker TLS

Post-quantum security

Key management server

Implement key rotation policies suitable to 1-to-N, N-to-1, and M-to-N topologies

Web UI, REST and gRPC APIs

Live analytics and monitoring


Teserakt is an international company incorporated in Switzerland, bringing together some of the people behind today's secure communications (end-to-end messaging, secure VoIP, SSH). We have extensive experience with industrial cryptographic systems, and have contributed to a number of international standards and algorithms deployed in millions of devices.