The IoT Security Layer · E4

E4 lets you deploy end-to-end data protection that works on all platforms and scales to millions of devices.

E4 simplifies and automates key management, eliminating the cost and risk of PKIs.


E4: Security Designed for IoT

Highest security. Data's secrecy and integrity is protected from its producer to its consumers, different keys are used for different type of data and can be changed at any time.

Dynamic key server. A major pain when deploying encryption at scale is key management. We solve it thanks to a simple interface and APIs to manage and distribute keys in an automated fashion.

Maximize performance. E4 is faster and smaller than any competing solution. We minimize resources usage and bandwidth costs thanks to meticulous design choices.

Simplified integration. Agentless and fully integrated, the E4 client library works on all platform. E4 requires no change to your infrastructure or existing message brokers.

Meet compliance and data control standards. Use any cloud or third-party servers without having to worry about data security, since your data is protected end-to-end.

Optimized for MQTT. Our solution is compatible with the IoT platforms of AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM, and works with many other protocols (HTTP, Kafka, AMQP, RabbitMQ, etc.).


E4's client library is offered for free to protect data with unmanaged keys, and in order to test its integration in your devices with minimal effort.

Our dynamic key server allows you to manage devices' keys remotely manually or using automation rules. It is offered on-premise or as a managed service, and billed per-device on a subscription basis, starting at $0.10 monthly.


Best for personal projects

Source code under APLv2 license

Client library
End-to-end cryptographic protection
Symmetric key and public-key modes
Command-line client software
Transport protocol-agnostic
Unlimited per-topic keys
Maintenance and support
Public issue tracking on GitHub
Best-effort guarantees


Best for production deployment

Open-source client library plus...

Dynamic key server
Remote key distribution and rotation
Web console, command-line interface
APIs (HTTP/JSON, gRPC/protobuf)
Automation of key rotation policies
Compliance and security monitoring
Encrypted database records
Support for KMS and HSM
High-availability architecture
Maintenance and support
Dedicated support (business days)
Integration support and training
Prioritized features request

Use Cases

E4 supports both "many-to-one" and "many-to-many" IoT architectures, and is suitable for various applications such as automotive, smart city/building, healthcare, or access control.

Many to many Many to one

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